Professional Services

Security Consultants

Canadian Protection Services' security consultants provide security solutions for a range of disciplines and environment, helping our clients navigate the diverse security landscape. Each professional security consultant is skilled, ethical and focused on the best interests of our clients. 

VIP & Executive Escorts

C.P.S provides a high risk security service internationally, utilizing its highly trained, diverse and experienced military personnel. It is this high standard of personnel combined with the latest technological anti-surveillance equipment which makes up C.P.S International. We have been supplying specialist services for executives and celebrities for a number of years, responding to the needs and requirements of our clients with minimal notice. 

VIP & Executive Driver Service

For Clients who want our Executive Driver service only, C.P.S provides security drivers for executives, their family members and/or visitors at home and worldwide. Our vehicles are GPS Equipped allowing our Remote Monitoring Center to assist.  Our security drivers recognize potential threats and constantly practice surveillance detection techniques. Once the Client itinerary is received, our Remote Monitoring Center directs each driver on appropriate routes with alternates ensuring Emergency Evacuation Contingencies are in place, in a manner to be unpredictable while maximizing security and safety during travel.

Private Investigations

C.P.S assists numerous individuals and corporations in collecting factual information before making any important personal or business decisions. Our team of experienced investigative agencies provide an ethical approach to often sensitive matters, adhering to personal and corporate investigation policies. These private investigators diligently work to produce and collect detailed documentation.

Loss Prevention Services

C.P.S can provide as much training, hardware implementation and case investigation services as you need to help ensure your company’s success. We specialize in all areas of employee dishonesty and other acts that negatively impact your company’s profitability.