Remote Monitoring & Access Control

Remote Monitoring & Dispatch Center

The Remote Monitoring & Dispatch Center has what it takes to provide our customers with uninterrupted network connectivity and Alarm Response Dispatch 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. An integrated display wall helps coordinate activities between multiple networks and systems. Our Monitoring Center Operators ensure immediate detection and effective follow up in:    

  • Network equipment alarms and remote site alarms ensuring sufficient electrical power back up to continue operations during power outages are in place.      
  • The Remote Monitoring Center can apply behavior recognition algorithms, detecting behaviors in live video streams that threaten safety, alerting staff for immediate response.    
  • Our operators are able to observe and report within the predetermined response protocols. Remote viewing of video is particularly valuable in after-hours situations as a means to assess an alarm prior to dispatching C.P.S Response and/or local authorities. 

Detailed daily logs of all Monitoring Center operator findings and follow up action is available.  Also, clients and organizations may access 

Remote Monitoring Packages include: 

  • Network Video Monitoring    
  • Advanced video analytic generated events            
  • Scheduled video guard tours    
  • Audio and Video employee watch    
  • Lobby management    
  • Intrusion    
  • Access Control    
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

reports and recorded video events through the provided web portal